Letter from Heaven

Abraham is disappointed with the misinterpretation of his life. Finally, he decides to write a letter from heaven to clear out some serious speculations.

Hello 21st Century Christians,

Greetings to you from Heaven. Let me introduce myself. I’m Abraham that you read about in the book of Genesis. Forgive me for my poor english. Took me a while to learn your language and jargons. Some of the latest additions to heaven has really helped me out.

Well I have been noticing you all for the past 2000 years now. And finally thought to make some things clear to you. So I’m writing this, in hope to clear some speculations about myself, even though the scriptures that you read from the Bible are clear enough.

First of all, it baffles me to see when you exaggerate a portion of my life without looking at the entire context. Like for example, Genesis 22 talks about my sacrifice. I’m not saying that particular story isn’t important. But I can’t understand why you ask your kids to idolise me, by just focussing on that one instance of me choosing to obey God radically. I have been a different person before, and it is mentioned clearly in the scriptures. Nothing is hidden from you.

If you read from Genesis 12 where my life story actually begins, you will notice that I’m no where close to being a hero. I’m not the hero of my story. Please allow me to explain.

About 25 years before Isaac was born, I heard God’s voice for the first time. It was so clear and specific. He asked me to leave my relatives and put my trust in Him. I did step out in faith but not entirely. Even though God promised me that I will have a son of my own, I could not possibly believe that. I took Lot along because I saw in him as my possible heir then. So did I trust God completely then? No, not really.

But God stuck close to me like a good faithful friend through it all, even though He was aware that my faith wasn’t the kind of faith that He deserves. I began to see the consequences of my choice when strife happened between my servants and Lot’s. We had to part ways. Difficult as it was, I’m glad it happened. I can’t take the credit for that. It was my weakness in not trusting God completely that brought us to this awkward moment. But God made sure that I could get back on track, and of course I cannot take the credit of it.

Lying was also another item on my list of weaknesses. It was more convenient to hide than confront the truth. When we were in Egypt, I lied about my wife being my sister, out of fear for my own life. It was purely God who took us out safely. Can you believe that after seeing His faithfulness in my life repeatedly, I had the audacity to lie again to King Abimelech? Just like in Egypt, God had to intervene and set things right. Later in life, I wondered and reflected on how I could not fathom the mercies of God. He was always concerned about my wellbeing, but I was constantly doubtful, wondering if God might not come through so I kept lying.

So was I trusting God when I lied? No!

I was expecting God to be disappointed with me. Well, I was disappointed with myself. To my surprise, He responded to my distrust by renewing His promise. Countless times did He renew His promises, reminding me over and over again.

There was this one time which I remember that I kept on complaining. I figured Eliezer, my steward to be the heir. How could I just believe that I would have a son of my own? I was already old. It sounded impossible. But God was so gracious in His response to my stubborness to believe.

I got so engrossed in my whining, that I gave into my wife’s not-so-wise advice, of having a child with our maid, Hagar. After Ishmael was born, I did realise in my heart to what extent I had fallen in my unbelief. Right when I was losing all hope, God specifically renewed His promises three times and even came to me in person to remind me.

It was when Isaac was born that I could finally commend God for His faithfulness. All this while, I was so caught up in my self centered worries and dreams, I had left no room for trusting God. The Great Sacrifice which I am usually given the credit for, is not the proof of my faithfulness. Rather, it certifies that His faithfulness came through, in my life. The reminder of His faithfulness, gave me the strength to climb that mountain. His faithfulness did not change. It was His unchangeable stubborn love for me that kept transforming me.

So what I’m trying to say is that my life story in the Bible is not about me. It is about Him. It is about His faithfulness. My life on earth was just as ordinary as yours is. I too have a list of weaknesses, in which God perfected His strength. We can merely receive and respond. If God’s faithfulness can come through in my life, it can come through in anyone’s life.

I hope I was able to give you a fresh perspective on how you could read your scriptures. Stop focussing on the merits of one man, put your eyes on Him and see what all He has done in and through us.

May God bless you.

Lots of love,

P.S – See you in heaven. FYI it is absolute fun here. You have no idea.

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