The Gift

God's grace is a gift and not something that we have earned. A poem of gratitude, the result of being awed and overwhelmed by God's grace.

Lord you often bring me to this place of solitude
In spite of knowing the truth I\’m pretty rude
I exhaust all my possible options in vain
And come to you in the end after all to reign

I don\’t know how you feel about being my last option
I know how I\’d feel if I was someone\’s refuge option
Yet you are so humble and loving that you accept me
Arms wide open, an everlasting smile you give me

I know Lord that you hear my cry
I know that you are with me in my trials
I know it\’s you who is sustaining me
I need you more than ever beside me

For you have known me even before I was formed
For you knew my troubles before they were caused
You have provided everything in your grace to me
For your grace is sufficient for me

You have forgiven my sins at the cross
Gave me deliverance at no cost
Unmerited favor have I found in your eyes
Priceless is your love in my eyes

For your love I can never understand
Its depth or its width
For You love me anyways
In spite of knowing all my ways

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